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Mátra hill is located in the northern region of Hungary (approximately 100 kilometers from Budapest, a 1.5 hour drive). Our Finnish-style timber house, that casts a pleasant atmosphere and from where you can enjoy a spectacular view to the highest peak of the country, Kékestető (1014 meters), was built right there. The house is bordered by a forest and it has several bedrooms and bathrooms, a private wood fired sauna, jacuzzi, a kitchen and a living room that share the same area and where you can find a wood fired fireplace. The very large area next to the forest makes it possible for you to spend your time in a private place far from neighbors. In the garden you can cook, barbeque or grill any food you would like to, even in the special Hungarian kettle, called “bogrács”. We recommend our place to couples, families, friends who are looking for a place where they can have a rest, relax and who would like to get acquainted with the beauty of the Hungarian countryside, its cuisine and its cozy atmosphere.

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